Countdown has begun for the 3rd International Mezze Festival where the reputable businesses of the gastronomy world will come together. Following the first two years full of great interest, the gastronomy lovers will meet once again at Akra in Antalya on October 18, Friday.

Organized by Akra Hotels, this festival is the most extensive mezze festival ever held across Turkey. Many delicious delicacies peculiar to the reputable businesses of the gastronomy world ranging from Antalya to Kas, and from Istanbul, Ankara and Urla to Ordu will be offered to the mezze lovers. Besides many leading domestic businesses, the festival will also host several international businesses.

The Barut Family, known for attaching importance to education and development of the young persons, will lead the way and open a stand for the Akdeniz University students to give them a chance to show their abilities at the festival area.

Mehmet Yasin, a food critic and writer, will join the Akra Talks on October 19, Saturday, and share his pleasant words with the guests and people of Antalya.

Getting ready to host many travelers and taste lovers besides national and international professionals, the 3rd International Mezze Festival will take you to an unforgettable journey full of delicacies on October 18.

Are You Ready for the Feast of Delicious Tastes?

Countdown has begun for the 3rd International Mezze Festival where the reputable businesses of the gastronomy world will come together. Following the first two years full of great interest, the mezze lovers will meet once again at Akra on October 18, Friday.

Here are the participants of the Mezze Festival…

Committee Members

Meze Festivali Düzenleme Kurulu Başkanı
Mehmet Yalçın
Meze Festivali Düzenleme Kurulu Başkanı
Meze Festivali Koordinatörü
Tolga Atalay
Meze Festivali Koordinatörü
Akra Hotels Genel Müdürü
Gökhan Polat
Akra Hotels Genel Müdürü


7 Mehmet

Harmonizing traditional tastes with innovative touches, 7 Mehmet is the name of the destiny written on the forehead who was born in Antalya and became a globally-known figure in time. Serving the most special tastes of the Mediterranean region with the most beautiful view of the world, 7 Mehmet is a natural restaurant where the seasonal vegetables and fruits are turned into special tastes. Being run under the responsibility of Mehmet Akdag who is the third-generation representative of the family, the restaurant serves more than 650 meals, salads and mezzes prepared exclusively by 7 Mehmet cuisine, besides the Turkish, Ottoman and world cuisines.


Located next to the globally-known Ftelia Beach, Farma Restaurant is an authentic farm decorated with wooden, stone and sand-made details and designed in harmony with the surrounding natural beauties. Delicious tastes prepared with the fresh vegetables and fruits, grown on the garden of the restaurant, bear the signature of the chef Charikaos Kossyfas.

Turkish Do&Co

Offering the one and only gourmet foods of the aviation industry to its guests globally, Turkish Do&Co has been making a distinguished name for itself with its nine catering cuisines in Turkey since 2007. Providing service in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum, Trabzon, Dalaman and Adana, Turkish Do&Co offers service to more than 60 national and international airline companies with its rich catering cuisines.

Od Urla

Cooking the foodstuff, grown on its own land and sea, in the most natural way over the wood fire, OD Urla combines all foodstuffs from the sea and land of neighboring villages, and cooks them over the wooden fire, the most primitive method. OD Urla invites you to gather around the fire to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Urla.


Established in 2002, Trilye Restaurant offers seafood of the highest quality to its guests with an extensive concept. Run by Sureyya Uzmez and his wife Mahmure Uzmez, Trilye Restaurant provides service with its motto "Eat fish for your health, and visit Trilye to eat fish" every day. Granted with various international quality awards, Trilye Restaurant attaches importance to the issue of closed season and calibration of huntable sea fish.

Kiss The Frog

Kiss The Frog, the first sea food brasserie of Turkey with its atmosphere and venue besides its creative name inspired from the fairy tales, is the secret social venue of the Bosporus. You can find various delicious tastes from its special salad made from avocado, strawberry and purslane to shrimps with orzo, and from inky spaghetti to octopus in tandori on its menu prepared with creative interpretations of seafood.


Firuze Beyoglu is a Turkish restaurant focused on the delicious tastes of the tavern cuisine-based geography. Serving with 2 types of menus namely a la Carte and Fix, Firuze Beyoglu's outstanding tastes include Crete Pâté and mutabbal. Pickled fish and seabass ceviche are the special foods of the restaurant. Offering a menu blending the tastes from the Anatolian, Mediterranean and Aegean cuisines, Firuze serves fried liver, falafel and shrimps with butter as hors d'oeuvres.

Lokanta Kru

Conserving the spirit of local restaurants with a focus on the Aegean cuisine at the very heart of Nisantasi, Lokanta Kru is serving in a cozy atmosphere at its open kitchen decorated with green - turquoise - blue ceramics. Offering a menu consisting pre-dominantly of Aegean herbs and olive-oil meals, Lokanta Kru's featured tastes are wild radish, the first shoots of cauliflower with plums, raw broccoli with avocado, stems of spinach, stuffed artichoke and artichoke with avocado.


Presenting seafood of the highest quality with the organic vegetables, grown on his own garden, to their guests' tastes for 52 years, Alexis offers the gastronomic tastes of both Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. The restaurant, which can be visited throughout the year, invites you to experience the delicious tastes.

Park Fora

Serving all tastes coming from the sea and fish to its guests against the amazing view of the Bosporus in Kurucesme on the European side of Istanbul where blue and green overlap, Park Fore is one of the first places to come to mind when someone thinks about enjoying fish against the view of the Bosporus. Dating back to 40 years ago, the restaurant keeps turning the words of "Bosporus" and "fish" into a taste, itself.


Established in 1949 in Limassol, Niazi's Restaurant is one of the oldest places of Cyprus which is known for its kebabs. It is highly popular especially with its registered trademark "Full Kebab" menu presenting a mix of various mezzes and kebabs most of which are peculiar to Cyprus. One of the features meals of the restaurant is the "Peach Kebab".  Niazi's is serving at six different venues in similar concepts across the three regions of the island. 5 of these restaurants serve meat while 1 of them serves fresh fish.


Established to raise awareness on gastronomy, healthy diet and World & Turkish cuisine, the Gastronomy Community of Akdeniz University (AUGAST) keeps informing people who are interested in culinary arts with their events, organizations, conferences and trainings.

Vonali Celal

Vonali Celal is a local restaurant which has been serving meals of the local cuisine and its home-made amazing pickles in front of the Hoyrat Castle in the district of Persembe (formerly known as Vona) of Ordu since 1976. It serves the essential tastes of the Black Sea cuisine such as black cabbage soup, borage (an herb grown at the foot of the hazel tree) meal, stuffed smilax and cabbage, mihlama, black cabbage with rice, kashkak and white beans. Vonali Celal serves 101 different types of pickles including plum, cherry, cherry laurel, Japanese plum, pod, grape, egg, mushroom, smilax and parsley roots. 



Laurent Capdeville is a chef conceptor, works with Joel Robuchon during 20 years for the kitchens conceptions.
During 22 years, he was the chef of the chefs in the VIP restaurant Bocuse d'OR in France.
He made the concept of the competition boxes for Bocuse d'Or also.
Works with the most famous chefs in france (Christian Willer, Paul Bocuse, Gilles Goujon, Edouard Loubet, Gerald Passedat, Frédéric Anton ....) but also with unknown chef but always with passion and sharing.
Now he is a chef consultant for kitchens design and culinary conception.

Hatay Sultan Sofrası

Hatay Sultan Sofrası

Hatay Sultan Sofrası; It was established in 1991 in a stone mansion with historical features in Antakya. It is an indispensable bridge in the cultural journey from past to future for 28 years. In order to maintain and preserve the traditional Antakya cuisine, continues to keep its original recipes.

Alexandra’s Restaurant

Alexandra’s Restaurant

Alexandra's restaurant is a family run restaurant located in the middle of Megisti's harbour, right by the sea. 

Michalis is the owner of the restaurant, and Despoina, his mother, the cooker. 

They always use fresh seafood that is locally caught, fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden, fresh oregano and thyme which can be found on the island's mountain.

The olive oil that is used in the dishes comes from the family's olive trees in the island of Rhodes.

For an unforgettable experience, the huge variety of; traditional homecooked greek cuisine, seafood dishes and mezzes makes you visit Alexandra’s Restaurant and Megisti.


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