Akra, which combines the basic qualities of Antalya with the new generation hotel concept, continues to become popular with the services it provides and also gives more sensation and experience to its guests through the "Taste" code of Urban Social. Akra, fascinating formula of legendary masters to its valuable guests at the International Mezze Festival which is first shown in the world, will bring its guests to a unique taste journey. In addition to thousands of years of history, the Mezze Festival, which will take place in Akra, the essential of Antalya with its magnificent nature, will be memorized in 17 flavor stops, with extremely palatable fascinating formula of legendary masters. Akra, which will present the best tastes than the other to its guests produced from the hands of master chefs, will again sign to a magnificent festival. The mezzes that will turn into artworks as well as their tastes will turn into a visual feast with aesthetic touches besides your palatal delight. To witness the miracle of the nature and to taste the unique flavors, we invite you to Akra on 14 October, Saturday