This information text has been drawn up for the purpose of providing individuals with the information about the principles regarding collection, recording, use, storage and sharing with 3rd parties and processing of your Personal Data by BHM Otelcilik A.S., our company, acting as the data controller.

Your personal data, which identifies you as an individual or which may be associated with you as being an identified or an identifiable individual, is being processed in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data for the purpose of providing You with better service.


B.Definitions :

  • Personal Data : Any and all kinds of data with respect to any identified or identifiable real person;
  • Data Controller : Any real or legal person, which determines the purposes and means of processing of any personal data and which is responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system;
  • Data Subject : Any real person whose personal data is being processed;
  • the Law : the Law, dated 24.03.2016 and numbered 6698, on Protection of Personal Data;
  • the Board : The Personal Data Protection Board;
  • the Authority : The Personal Data Protection Authority;
  • the Register: : The Data Controllers' Register (VERBIS) maintained by the Office of the Chairperson;
  • Personal data processing : Any and all kinds of processes which are performed on any data such as collection, recording, storage, retention, alteration, reorganization, disclosure, transfer, acquisition, making available, classification or prevention of the use of any personal data by wholly or partially automated means or by non-automated means, to the extent that any such process is a part of any data system;
  • Recipient Group : The category of the real or legal persons to which the personal data is transferred by the data controller.

C.Collected Personal Data :We collect and process your personal data such as the full name, telephone numbers, mail address as well as the photographs taken by drones, cameras, telephones and by making use of such other means or such other image records.

Ç. Collection, Processing of Personal Data, and Purposes of Processing: The personal data, you will share with our Company, shall be used so as to be limited with the following purposes;

  • Organization and management of the events within our business;
  • Publishing the records of such events in visual, audio media and such other digital channels;
  • Recommending and offering the products and services, which are provided by our companies, as being customized as based on the choices, habits of use and needs of our guests;
  • Ensuring that the services, offered by our Company, are of higher quality and also enhancing our quality policy;
  • Ensuring the security of our business and the individuals at our business, and assisting in the prevention, determination and investigation/prosecution of any criminal offense;
  • Emergency and incident response;

D.Method for Collection of Personal Data, and Legal Ground Thereto: As part of the purposes listed herein above, your personal data shall be collected, either verbally, in writing or electronically, through the website, social media channels, mobile applications and such other means by making use automated or non-automated means as based on the

  • legal ground, which is prescribed as the legitimate interest of our Company that acts as the data controller,
  • as specified in the 2nd paragraph of Section 5 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, without prejudice to the fundamental rights and freedoms of such data subject.


E.Force Majeure: As part of the measures, which are taken or required to be taken for any Force Majeure event such as COVID-19 and such other pandemic or regional epidemic, infectious disease, earthquake, flood, war, state of emergency; the medical data such as the symptom details (fever, loss of sense of smell, difficulty in breathing, etc.), the details about any chronic disease, allergy and pregnancy, the medications being taken and the previous treatments, blood pressure, pulse, respiration and fever, the HES code details, vaccination card details, PCR test result, and your personal and/or private personal (sensitive) data as requested by a special certificate of permit, issued as per the circular letters promulgated by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey, and the Ministerial Decisions and the Presidential Decrees, may be processed for the purpose of;


  • Protecting public health;
  • Providing a healthy environment at the business and facility buildings of our Company as per the safe tourism certificate, etc.;
  • Monitoring the medical condition/the risk of disease of our guests and visitors and implementing the medical treatment, diagnosis and health care services;
  • Implementing the isolation/quarantine processes as advised by the Ministries and providing the preventive health services;
  • Ensuring compliance with the national and the international regulations governing our facilities, and fulfilling the obligations arising from the applicable regulations;
  • Complying with the guidelines as established by the national/international health authorities;
  • Performing the arrangements and notifications with respect to your accommodation/visit, as well as the processes with respect to your booking, such as refund/postponement/cancellation;
  • Ensuring the continuity of, and carrying out our business operations.


F.Transfer of Personal Data:

We may transfer your personal data to/share your personal data with any 3rd Party involved in the recipient groups given below:

  • We may share your personal data with the service providers for the purpose of performance of the services such as website processes, data analysis, order/payment transactions, booking and booking confirmation processes, customer services, e-mail sending and marketing.
  • We may share your personal data with respect to the services such as spas, restaurants, cafe shops, bars, health clubs, concierge and such other points of sale at our facilities, with the On-Site Service and/or Agent Providers for the purpose of enabling them to provide you with marketing services when you stay at or visit one of our affiliated facilities.
  • We may share your personal data with the in-network providers in order to enable you to benefit from the services offered by the real or legal persons such as airlines, rent a car services, travel agencies for the purpose of enabling you to receive services at a discount and/or facilitating procurement of service by you while you are benefiting from our facility.
  • We may share your personal data with the Group Companies for the purpose of customizing the services and products, we will offer to You from the other companies within the organization of Barut Hotels, and facilitating your transactions and contacting you and enabling you to benefit from our loyalty schemes and also accomplishing our business purposes, etc.
  • We may share your personal data with the Suppliers and Service Providers and the real or legal persons such as booking process providers, wifi, wifi interface providers, secure payment systems, insurance companies, transfer companies, travel agencies for the purpose of offering products and services to You in case of any need thereto.
  • We may share your personal data with Consultants for the purpose of performance of the planning, identifying risks, performance of the processes and transactions, etc. in respect of any legal, financial, investment-related matter.
  • We may share your personal data with the Financial Institutions for the purpose of effectuation of the payment transactions and performance of the investment processes.
  • We may share your personal data with the Governmental Agencies for the purpose of fulfillment of the obligations arising from the regulations, protection of public health, ensuring security, prevention, detection and investigation/prosecution of any criminal offense, and prevention of any Force Majeure event, etc.

Furthermore, the personal data, shared by you at the time of booking at our facilities and while visiting our facilities or for any such other similar reason may be transferred to various countries for the reasons that the server systems, cloud storage systems, payment systems of the banks and the head offices of the facilitator companies are situated in different countries.


G.Rights of the Data Owner As the Data Subject:

 Being a data subject, you are entitled to;

  • Inquire whether your personal data has been processed, and to ask for information regarding any such processed personal data; and
  • Be informed about the purpose of processing of any such data, and also about the fact that whether such data has been used as appropriate to the purpose thereto, and
  • Be informed about any third party to which any such data has been transferred, either domestically or internationally; and
  • Ask for correction of any imperfect or inaccurate data, in case of any imperfect or inaccurate processing thereof; and
  • Ask for deletion or disposal of any such personal data and to notify the third parties, to which your data has been transfered, of such correction and deletion, if and when the requirements for processing of your data cease to exist; and
  • Claim for compensation of any and all damage and/or loss you might have incurred in case your personal data has been processed in breach of the law;

by submitting an application to our Company.

Any claim with respect to the rights of the data subjects and enforcement of the Law may be forwarded, in writing, to the address, "Sirinyali Mah. Lara Ismet Goksen Cad. No:1 Akra V Otel Muratpasa / Antalya". If any such claim is to be replied in writing, such claim shall be replied free of charge if the reply is up to ten pages, and by charing a handling fee of 1 Turkish Lira for each page in excess of ten pages. In the event that the reply to such application is given in a recording medium such as CD, flash disk, etc., then the fee, which may be asked by the Personal Data Protection Authority may not exceed the cost of such recording medium.



H.Identity of the Data Controller, and Submission of Applications to our Company:


Data Controller                      BHM Otelcilik A.S.

Represented By                      

Address                                Sirinyali Mahallesi Lara Cad. No:24 Akra Otel Muratpasa Antalya


E -mail                                


As per the paragraph 1 of Section 13 of the LPPD (the Law on Protection of Personal Data), you can submit your request with respect to the exercise of any of your rights as listed herein above to our Company by means of the method(s), which has/have been determined/will be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in accordance with the provisions as prescribed in the LPPD and the applicable regulations thereto, or you can submit your request by making use of any of the methods as described herein below:


  • You can personally deliver a signed copy of your application, which will include your statements, to the address, "Sirinyali Mahallesi Lara Cad. No:24 Akra Otel Muratpasa Antalya", together with the official documents evidencing your identity, such as national ID card, driving license, passport, etc..
  • You can send your originally signed application and the official documents that will evidence your identity through the agency of a Notary Public, or
  • You can forward your application and the documents, evidencing your identity, electronically to the info address, so as to bear a secure electronic signature or a mobile signature thereon, or
  • You can forward your application, and the documents, evidencing your identity, to our Company by making use of the electronic mail address, you have indicated to our Company previously and which is recorded within the system of our Company.

Our Company shall ensure that your application will have been finalized no later than a period of 30 days, depending on the nature of your request.

Each data subject may exercise the rights with respect to the personal data only in respect of her/his own personal data, and s/he may not raise any claim with respect to any 3rd party whatsoever. Please contact us by making use of our address and telephones provided herein above to obtain further information about our practices and your rights with respect to protection of personal data.


I.Date of Updating of the Information Text: August 2022