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Serving all tastes coming from the sea and fish to its guests against the amazing view of the Bosporus in Kurucesme on the European side of Istanbul where blue and green overlap, Park Fore is one of the first places to come to mind when someone thinks about enjoying fish against the view of the Bosporus. Dating back to 40 years ago, the restaurant keeps turning the words of "Bosporus" and "fish" into a taste, itself.


You can see the photos taken during the events reflecting the spirit of the Mezeler festival here:

Appetizers specially prepared by ParkFora cuisine within the framework of the festival:

Akra Meze Festivali Mezeler Beğendili Karides

Shrimp with Begendi (Eggplant Puree)


1 Bell Eggplant / 100 g Shrimp / 50 g Yellow Cheese / 100 g Cream / 25 g Butter / 1/4 Chive 


Gri il the eggplant. Then, saute the eggplant in butter. Add the yellow cheese and cream, and keep sauteing. After the sauteing, proceed with the shrimp. Saute the shrimp in cream and butter. Add cream until it soaks up. When it soaks up the cream, lake it ona plate. it is ready ta serve after addition of cream and chive on the eggplant.

Akra Meze Festivali Mezeler Levrek Marin

Marinated Seabass


15 KG European Seabass or Zander / 30 Lemons / 400 g Mustard / 500 g Cider Vinegar / 3.5 KG Olive Oil / 2 KG White Onion 


Remove the skins of the fishes, and cut them into fillets. Wash the fish fillets thoroughly to remove the scales and blood completely. Put the lid on, and let them rest in water at 5'C lor 20 minutes. Take them out of the water, and cut them into thin slices. The remaining fish must be approximately 7kg.

After straining I cup of lemon juice, put 400 g mild dijon mustard in a saucepan. Add 500 g cider vinegar, and mix them with oil. Take finely chopped 4 white onions into a container.

Put 4 teaspoons of salt, and scrub thoroughly by hand. Put the fishes and onions over the sauce and mix them gently. Cover it with stretch wrap. Store it in cooler at 3'C. After letting it to marinate lor 8 hours, it is ready to serve. □ne portion (200 g) serves 4 people. Cool the prepared dish lor 1,5 hours, and then cover it with stretch wrap and store it in cooler at 5'C.