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Diet is the most important factor acting on our health.

The quality of our diet also acts on our feelings and thoughts. Highly nutritional foods boost our energy, dynamize us and make us feel much better. Today, the foods we take mostly consist of high-calorie and low-nutrient alternatives. In addition, foods are subjected to high-heat processes during cooking and lose their nutritional value significantly.

In TheLifeCo, the most nutritious and balanced dishes, which are mostly made of vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, legumes and natural products, are cooked through a drying process in special ovens at a temperature below 41 degrees, for people to enjoy a healthier life. This ensures preservation of the taste, smell and nutritional values ​​of the food, keeping the enzymes, which provide energy to the body, active, and helping retaining vitamins and minerals. It helps cell repair and regeneration in the body.