Akra Meze Festivali Maria Ekmekcioglu (1)

Maria Ekmekcioglu

The roots of Maria Ekmekçioğlu's family tree, which dates back to 1713, go back to her grandfather, who was a baker. Having lived for 13 years in Thessaloniki, where she went to complete her education, Ekmekçioğlu got married and had 3 children. Having managed to own 2 patisseries while raising her children, Ekmekçioğlu did not take a break from her profession. Returning to Istanbul after Greece, Maria Ekmekçioğlu established Maria's Garden in Etiler and restaurants called Maria's in Athens. In addition to being a restaurant chef, Ekmekçioğlu has been presenting the programs "Magicion of Taste" in Turkey and "From Istanbul to Anatolia" on a Greek television channel for the last 5 years. Ekmekçioğlu also works as a lecturer at a private university. She is a member of the Friends of the Kitchen Association, Chaine des Rotisseurs and Chef's Club. Having written books in the field of gastronomy in her career, Ekmekçioğlu's books "Bir O Yaka Bir Bu Yaka" and "Hatıramdaki Mezeler" which she prepared with Gökçen Adar attracted great attention. Ekmekçioğlu has also published two books in Greece.